Amputee hawker arrested & 25 million life-changing donation seized for lying about her condition

Nigeria’s Lagos State Government has reportedly seized N25 million donations made to popular amputee hawker Mary Daniel because she and her handlers allegedly lied to the public about her condition.

Amputee hawker arrested & 25 million life-changing donation seized

Reports say authorities were compelled to initiate an investigation following threats by some people who knew the true story to expose her.

It is alleged that a misunderstanding ensued between her and some people who demanded their share of the life-changing money.

It has been reportedly established by the state officials that Mary’s father is alive and also, she was amputated at birth and not a result of an accident as was told in her earlier story that attracted public sympathy resulting in the huge donations to her.

The Nation reported Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu as saying that Mary Daniel was in the custody of officials of the Social Welfare and not the police as earlier reported.

It came to light when the people started threatening her. She promised some N500,000 others different amounts and was planning to return to her home state when the information leaked.

I had to attach some policemen to her to prevent any attack on her when she went to the bank. We suspected those people might follow her but everything went well as they were not seen.

Presently, the state government is preventing her from accessing the money.

The government does not want a situation where it will become a trend for people to cook up stories, manipulate the people to get donations,” Odumosu explained.

Mary Daniel’s story went viral weeks ago about how she allegedly lost her leg through an accident and lost her parents too, while she remained the breadwinner for her baby and her aged grandmother.

Former Imo Chief of Staff, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, Nigeria was one of the benevolent people who donated to give the physically challenged woman a better life. He donated N1,000,000.00 (GH¢15,164.89) to the humanitarian cause.

Mary Daniel was seen hawking sachet and bottled water in the streets of Nigeria with her right leg amputated as she walks with the support of a wooden crutch.


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