The company located in Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti region has been in some financial crisis since last year, with investors finding it difficult access their funds.

One of the investors believed to be in his late 50s, who has apparently exhausted all available options to retrieve his investment, but to no avail, stripped naked and allegedly invaded the First Allied office to register his displeasure.

Last year, a customer of Unicredit was in the news after he went to the financial institution’s office with a mattress and pillow to sleep there until his locked funds were released, and he seems to have set the pace for more of such unconventional means to get the attention of institutions.

Angry investor storms First Allied Banking hall naked, with dangling di**k to demand his money (Video)

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In the case of the First Allied savings and loans, a social media video shows the man demonstrating and grumbling in a banking hall believed to be that of the company, with a shiny silver pan and a hammer in his hands, it is unclear what they were meant for though.

In the video, the naked man is seen narrating to another person who apparently filmed him, the difficulties he has been going through to get his investment.

He was so frustrated that he did not care about his dangling penis and testicle in the video.

Watch the video below: