A Nigerian lady recently learned this lesson the hard way as the man who had invited her looked on for her and friends to eat and drink, then he got up and paid his bill only.

According to the disappointed lady with the Twitter handle @Reddishwine3, she decided to go with her friends because some men are happy to see other ladies come with the lady they had invited for a date, but the resultant experience of her action was unpleasant.

She took to Twitter on Friday, January 8 to rant about her experience, thinking that others would sympathise with her but most people blamed her instead for not seeking the man’s consent first before going on a date with him along with other ladies while she didn’t know his budget.

In her opinion, the guy's behaviour smacked of immaturity because he should have paid all the bills without discrimination.

"A gentle man would have paid the bills and tell me politely after the date. That's the best thing to do nd not to just act so immature. Some men love dates with friends and some don't. So next time i will always ask before taking my friends," the lady wrote in a Twitter post.

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As if she didn’t trust the judgement of the people who reacted to her post, @Reddishwine3 organised a Twitter poll to figure out if a majority of men would condone their ladies coming on a date with them in the company of their female friends.

Out of 10,836 people believed to be all-men who participated in the survey, 94.4% said they want to see only whoever they invited for a date and nobody else, while a disappointing 5.6% said they would not mind if their lady brings along other female friends on a date with them.

Angry man paid only his bill as lady he invited for a date brought 2 friends
Angry man paid only his bill as lady he invited for a date brought 2 friends

Well, the lesson here is simple! While some few men would gladly foot the bills of uninvited friends of yours even if you had not informed them ahead of time, not every man is the same. Some people may pay if they have money, just to save your face but others too will blatantly refuse to pay even if they have the means to.