Angry pastor threatens to close down his churches, says members are “useless”, “stupid” and “rubbish” (video)

If you thought every pastor is cool-headed and can be walked over with impunity, then you need to have a rethink because some of them can really go berserk if pushed to the wall.

Angry pastor threatens to close down his churches, says members are “useless, “stupid and “rubbish (video)

A controversial Kenyan pastor, James Ng'ang'a could not control his temper resulting from what he termed as disrespect for him and his wife, by both bishops and other members of his ministry.

A video sighted on shows the angry man of God describing his members including the bishops as useless, stupid and rubbish, with a further threat to close down his other churches if the “disrespects” did not end.

It is not clear exactly which conducts of the congregation that infuriated pastor Ng'ang'a he deemed as disrespectful.

“People have been talking a lot. I want to talk to the bishops in my church. If you are not going to respect my wife, I’m going to kick you out of my ministry... This time round I will show you my power,” Pastor Ng'ang'a is quoted as saying.

He added: “Also, any woman who disrespects my wife will be kicked out. You will leave my ministry and form your own...stupid, arrogant.

“You came to me with rough hair, useless people, takataka (rubbish), there is nothing you Neno people can tell me..."

This is not the first time Ng'ang'a has made news headlines. In March this year, he reportedly found himself on the wrong side of the Kenyan criminal law after threatening an unspecified action against Citizen TV senior journalist and news anchor, Linus Kaikai for suggesting pastors should have degrees, reports.

In the latest video, his church members remained silent and appeared shocked as he unleashed all sorts of abusive words on them, not sparing his bishops either.

Watch the video below:


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