According to Adofoli, it is abnormal for a woman to be the one begging her husband for sex.

The counsellor made the controversial assertion in an article christened: “Stop the rape and bad sex in Marriage. Women want affection and not sex”.

He explained that some men misunderstand the needs of their wives to be sex, and they end up raping them, all in the name of satisfying their need.

Adofoli added that “women want affection and not sex”, so men should stop imposing it on them when they are not in the mood for it.

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Read his full article below:

“A woman who chases or begs the husband for sex is a sick woman. She can be likened to a sick dog whose food has been reduced to bone instead of meat. Some men are so clueless and they end up raping their wives and assume sex is what the woman want. Stop the rape and bad sex in Marriage. Women want affection and not sex

“Don’t just force her to have sex, stop paying deaf ears to “I am not in the mood”, “its painful and not enjoyable”. Stop making excuses for her. Stop forcing women to fake orgasm and pretend they are enjoying sex with you when you fail to make her feel affection.

“Lack of affection will cause a woman to cheat on her man and not frequently have sex. Dogs will leave the house where bone is served, to the house where meat is assured. If she is cheating on you despite you adjudging yourself as a superman in bed, check your affection level.

“When you fail to listen to her, when you fail to make time and talk to her, when you take her for granted and refuse to spoil her, take her out for shopping, for walks, help her in the house or give her attention, don’t be surprised when you see her in bed with the colleague at work.”