The yet to be released apple watches, are already on sale online, courtesy one of china’s biggest tech portal Alibaba's Taobao site. The iWatch which is already on sale, parades almost the same features as the original apple watch-similar watch-straps, digital crown dials, identical user interface etc.

The only difference, is that the iWatch runs on the popular android platform and not the apple watch operating system. The makers of the iWatch claim that it has longer battery life than the original apple watch which is yet to be launched.

Tech experts say that they foresee the demand of the cloned apple watches to rise as a result of Alibaba's Taobao intensive online marketing campaign.

Sources close to the Apple legal team who declined to be mentioned, say that Apple Inc. has put in place ways to block the sale of cloned copies of its yet to be released Apple watch. He also added that it will cost apple time and money to put those measures in place, when they decide to.

Other legal luminaries, who are vast in copyright law, have suggested that apple can get rid of the ads by asking alibaba to pull them down. Though they’ll have to go through the process of filing and filling forms for each ad they want to pull down. A move which might be hampered by needless protocols.

In china the “unfair competition concept” is really not going to hold back these companies who are set to make money off Apple’s new invention, due to the fact that the legal procedure to deal with such matters take some time to be decided on.

Tech watchers say they envisage that alibaba will do the morally right thing by pulling down the ads promoting the cloned Apple watches.