An Irish boxer fights an entire Turkish mob Kung Fu style

This incredible street fight that saw an Irish tourist take on an entire mob of angry Turkish shopkeepers went viral.

This Irish boxer was in no mood to be intimidated when attacked on holiday

Few days ago, the tourist booked an hotel room in Aksaray as part of his trip in Turkey. Near his hotel, he went to pick up a bottled water, but he opened the door of a merchandized refrigerator so hard that dozens of water bottles dropped to the ground. Seconds after the incident, owner of the shop approached the Irish tourist and hit him with a stick.


In the footage- reminiscent of a Kung fu film- the locals swarm around the Irish man, attacking him with chairs and wooden poles.

Dozens of neighbouring shop owners then steam in to help - but unluckily for them, their victim is a professional boxer.

At one point, realising he is in for a proper scrap, he takes his sunglasses off and puts them on top of his head so he can take care of business.


Harrying the gang with kicks and punches, he hits one attacker in the face so hard the man goes straight down - and later looks like he is being sick in the street.

Eventually the shopkeepers got the message - and may think again before attacking a tourist.



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