Beautiful journalist suffers headache right after interviewing angry grammarian

You may have encountered people who claim to be masters over the English language but wait until you hear this professor speak.

Beautiful journalist suffers ‘severe headache’ right after interviewing angry grammarian

Nigerian lawyer and popular politician Patrick Obahiagbon is notorious for his bizarre command over the English language and his choice of words which sometimes made even the country’s parliamentarians look like elementary students.

However, it now appears that he has a superior who is so vested in the English language that Obahiagbon could run out of his jargons after just a five-minute interaction with him.

Professor Paul Alao Fadda is a Nigerian academician who has so learned the English language that journalists are always after him to speak on issues, just because of his diction.

The only reason Patrick Obahiagbon seems to be more popular than him was the fact that he is a politician and used parliament which is no mean a platform to more or less sell himself.

Fadda, as he is popularly known in Nigeria, has always left journalists clueless, with some suffering headaches after interviewing him.

Well, although these videos are a bit old, it might not be entirely out of place to make reference to them.

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