“Always put yourself first” - Reactions as company opens vacancy 35 minutes after worker died

A company has allegedly declared the position of one of its workers as vacant and asked people to apply for it just 35 minutes after announcing the death of the employee.

Company announces vacancy 35 minutes after worker died

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The development deemed to be insensitive of the company was shared on Twitter by a woman with the Twitter handle @ChinklydChelz who went further to advise people to prioritise their welfare and not ‘kill' themselves for any employer.

In her Monday, March 29 post which has gone viral and attracted a lot of reactions, she disclosed that a colleague of hers at work died and the company opened recruitment for the position of the deceased just 35 minutes after the news of the death had been announced.

“My job announced the passing of one of my (distant) coworkers and announced her position in the following email 35 mins later... “Always put yourself first,” @ChinklydChelz wrote on Twitter.

Many Twitter users have been reacting to her post while others too share their experiences of their various workplaces.

The post has so far garnered over 167,000 retweets, over 36,000 likes and thousands of quoted replies.

@celanousconcern said: "When I lost my job after catching COVID-19, they fired me for missing too much work. I was eager to return, but they said no. That was in October. They still haven't replaced me. I went to every job site and told my story. Let them know what you're worth. I didn't until it was too late."

@MorgansBME said: "Two years ago, my store manager died in a car accident leaving work and the next day they hired somebody for his position like he was nothing. Didn’t have a memorial, no balloon release or anything. Just a pic and a reef ... that’s Walmart for you."

@iBaseball_1 said: "I don’t see anything wrong. It’s business, nothing personal. They still have a business to run and her position probably plays a big factor in the company."

@extraasserica said: Boy do I have a million stories like this. At my old job, a lady had cancer her short-term disability only covered her for 6 months. Her cancer treatments weren’t up and she was still in pain so she had to bring her morphine pump to work with her at a factory.


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