"Do you know who I am," customer who refused to pay for meal asks restaurant owner

A customer who patronized a restaurant bluntly refused to pay for his meal when presented with a bill.

Mernagh who made a table reservation for three ate with two boys aged about 7 and 8 years old, Metro UK reported. It noted that the visitor had responded "Do you know who I am," when questioned about his bill.

According to reports, he consumed four beers in addition to the meal making the cost of the service rendered a sum of £35.60.

"I’m not paying £1.30 for a can of coke. I’m not paying £5 for three pieces of chicken," he wrote in a note.

“See you in court, if you can afford to take me there!,” says Mongkol when describing the shocking response of the individual when asked for his bill.

“He booked a table for three the day before. He arrived on Friday at 5.30pm with two boys aged about seven and eight.

“He ordered starters and he finished everything. My staff asked him if everything was okay and he said yes.

“After he had the main course, my staff asked him again and he said, ‘I’ll tell you when I get the bill.

“He asked how much it was and when he saw the bill he said it was too expensive.

“I said he’d seen the prices when he ordered the food. I asked him, ‘Why do you eat all the food and not pay? You eat my food, you pay.

“He didn’t pay anything at all. He just ran away.

“I ran after him and shouted at him. He just ignored me. He had drunk four beers. Maybe he was a bit fresh," the restaurant owner mentioned.

Metro News stated that other customers at the restaurant handled the money owed by Mernagh.

The police was contacted in the hope to have him apprehended.


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