It is "dangerous" to have sex between 12am and 3am - pastor warns

The man explained that his pastor whose name was not mentioned said the period is a vital one because God sends his angels to bring blessings and answers to people’s prayers.

One Boakye Mensah Ohene has triggered controversy on social media after writing and warning in several tweets that making love between 12am and 3am is not only “dangerous”, but also the “worst time to have sex”, according to his pastor.

According to, the man further quoted his pastor as asserting that the angels are forbidden to see the nakedness of people, so they return with the blessings and responses to their prayers when they see the very people they had been sent to making love.

The claim has generated mixed reactions on social media. One social media user for instance is quoted as saying, “People these days are preaching their own words, not the word of God … Please where in the Bible [does] God forbid married couple to have sex between 12am – 3am?”

Another commentator, Jacob Klutsey also disagreed with the assertion, saying “…God will bring your blessings as couples as far as you do the right things, walk in God’s way and all other things shall be added unto you according to his riches and glory.” also reported one Jonas Aryee as agreeing with the claim, saying “The scripture is in Job 33:15-16 for the seventh watch. God seals your instruction, plants in you and shows you what you are going to do when you wake up. It is the watch that the seraphins, Cherubims and angels [can] be on assignment for you.”

He explained that there are eight watches and the first one is between 6pm and 9pm, referred to as the intercessor’s watch. Then, from 9pm to 12am battle watch or warfare takes place.

Jonas Aryee said the seventh watch is the period within which people receive blessings and answers to their prayers. It was not indicated if the seventh watch falls between the 12am and 3am period in contention.


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