Couple who used to “break up once or twice a week” chains themselves to remain together 24/7

Two lovers have chained themselves together since this year’s Valentine’s Day to avoid breaking up “once or twice a week” and they have managed to remain chained 24/7 for the past three months.

Couple chains themselves to avoid breaking up “break up once or twice a week

At the time the young couple decided to chain themselves, Alexander who happens to be a car salesman explained that he came up with the idea because Viktoria had suggested a breakup again after a misunderstanding.

“We used to break up once or twice a week. During another fight Vika once again said that we had to break up, I replied: ‘Then I will attach you to myself',” he said.

According to, although the couple has confessed to feeling fed up with one another, they’ve now vowed to remain chained together until their wedding day – except they’re not even engaged yet.


The news outlet reported that they are using their bizarre stunt to raise money and become millionaires, part of which fund they will dedicate to charity.

“We want to donate $2million (£1.4million) to charity and are currently negotiating. We will leave $1million (£700,000) for our personal use.

“We will buy apartments for ourselves and for our relatives. We do not have our own housing,” Alexander is quoted as having disclosed.


It remains unclear yet how they are raising the money from being chained together.

Viktoria and Alexander have been reported to have broken both the Ukrainian and world record for the most time spent chained together as a couple, although they have admitted it has not been a pleasant experience.

“We are a bit fed up with each other. It is complicated for me. I was nervous, am nervous, and probably, will continue to be nervous,” Viktoria said.

“Yes, I had flashes where I wanted to remove the chain and jerked it. But then time passed, I calmed down.”


Alexander confessed that the nervousness and the incessant urge to go separate ways is mutual but endurance has kept them together over the period and they hope to continue.

“We are getting a little tired of all this. We get weary of each other. 24/7 together – one of us wants to be here, the other there.”

The young couple is now planning to go on a reality show together, according to reports.



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