What added beauty to the entire event was a prank that was played on the bride and groom who could be seen coming out of what looked like a church service, accompanied by some firefighters.

As if the couple were a blazing fire to be quenched, some colleagues of the groom had set up fire tender vehicles at the entrance of the supposed church and started spraying them with water sporadically as soon as they stepped out.

Some people speculate that it might be a tradition for all firefighters who get married to go through.

The groom could be seen dressed in his full ceremonial uniform, while the bride was wearing a white wedding gown.

Although she is not a firefighter, once she decided to marry one, she had to go through the supposed tradition with him.

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In the video, the couple is seen holding hands before going through the water that was being pumped from the fire tender truck.

With water gushing out at full pressure, the handholding couple had to rush through, and it was the groom’s duty to ensure his bride’s beautiful gown did not get dirty or she did not fall.

As they walked through the gushing water, the groom grabbed his bride tightly and lifted her to prevent her from falling or dirtying her nice wedding gown.

Some colleagues of the groom could be heard cheering him on with others ordering him to do it the right way or risk doing it again.

In other news, Finland, a European country, has a system in which prisoners are given the chance to enjoy most of their rights and freedoms as non-prisoners even including those who have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The country is currently operating what has been referred to as “open prisons” where prisoners are allowed to own vehicles, leave for work or school, and host overnight guests, according to a video report by Insider.

Unlike in Africa and other parts of the world where prisons are overcrowded and virtually worse than hell with inmates packed like sardines among other dehumanising conditions, Finland has invested in its correctional infrastructure and continues to do so heavily.

The country which has been named the happiest and safest country in the world in recent years is currently funding educational programs where prisoners learn technology skills like artificial intelligence, according to the report.

In the 7-minute long video report, Insider compares how Finland’s prison system was like some years ago and how they have been improved through huge infrastructure investments.

The video which was uploaded to Insider’s Instagram page was titled: “Open Prisons Where They Learn Tech Skills”.