Doctors warn against smearing of cow dung & urine as immunity booster against COVID-19

Doctors have warned against the use of cow dung as an immunity booster against Covid-19, saying it is scientifically a counterproductive exercise.

Doctors warn against the use of cow dung & urine as immunity booster against COVID-19

India has been recording more than 300,000 infections daily and losing thousands of people in the same amount of time.

The sad situation has left most of the citizens desperate and they have been resorting to weird and scientifically unproven means to protect themselves.

A recent video shared by ABC showed a group of men smearing a mixture of cow dung and urine on their bodies with the belief that it would protect them from Covid-19.


"Even doctors who are fighting coronavirus come here. They believe that this therapy improves their immunity and they can go tend to patients without fear," said one of the men who had his body plastered with cow dung.

The discovery has prompted health officials of India to issue a warning that the citizens stand a risk of rather contracting other infectious diseases as a result of the bizarre practice as it is not backed by science.

"There is no scientific evidence to prove that cow dung can be used as treatment or immunity against corona infection.

"People should understand that when they use the excreta of a cow, which has been considered a sacred animal, they are at risk of getting a zoonotic or an infectious disease," the medic said.


India has recorded a total of over 25.8 million COVID-19 cumulative cases while the death is also over 287k, according to reports.



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