According to the Ghana News Agency, he was preaching at the Dela Cathedral in Ho on the theme, “Nothing is Impossible with God" when he said the practice is an affront to the word of God.

The senior man of God said that trying “to test or spark the engine to see if it is correct" is untenable to God and a callous behaviour especially when after the “testing or sparking the engine” it is abandoned for another one.

He went further to caution married couples against infidelity and urged them to treat their marriages with the respect and sanctity they deserves, adding that couples should stop comparing themselves with other people since it has the potential to influence them into ungodly behaviours.

"Stop looking at others, you can't be like others and purposely all uniquely made for a good reason," Reverend Kenneth Djotepe is quoted as saying.

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He further advised against sexual immorality during the Christmas festivities.

In other news, while some men may be changing their SIM cards and others breaking up with their lovers temporarily to reunite after Christmas in a bid to avoid giving them money for the festive season’s stuff, a young man is worried about the failure of his girlfriend to ask him for money with just a few days to the annual celebration.

It appears the young man identified as Luke Louis Akuba knows his girlfriend very well and how she would have been pestering him for money already if everything was okay.

He took to Facebook to lament that the lady might be cheating hence she of all people has been silent as if there is no Christmas to celebrate.

“How am I sure she’s not cheating on me, she’s yet to ask me money for Christmas stuff.

"Faith, I hope am the only guy in ur life?” Luke Louis Akuba wrote on Facebook.