Drug addict reports to police after his dealer sold him flour instead of cocaine

In a funny video, the addict approached a police officer in Peru and said: I am from La Porra, I came to get my drugs, boss.

Man reports to police after dealer sold him flour instead of cocaine

A video emerged online which showed him narrating to a police officer on a routine patrol shift that it was only when he attempted to snort the ‘cocaine’ that he realised the plastic baggy his dealer had handed over to him contained flour.

In the funny video, the addict approached the officer and said: "I am from La Porra, I came to get my drugs, boss.

"And I want to file a report because they’ve given me flour, boss."

The man who appeared bent on recovering his true cocaine asked the police officer to help him out.

"Help me out with that, boss, because one comes here to get his drugs and they give you flour," he claimed.

Meanwhile, it is understandable why a civilian could have such an audacity to approach a police officer to report on a cocaine related matter involving him.

According to Article 299 of the Peruvian Penal Code, it is legal in the South American country to possess up to two grams of cocaine or at least five grams of coca paste for personal use.

Per the laws of that country, planting coca plants which is the material used for making cocaine is legal.

Reports say coca leaves are sold openly in markets across Peru.


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