A level 100 female student of the University of Ghana was stabbed on the Evandy-TF road yesterday, Tuesday, 2nd December 2014, on her way back to her hostel from a prayer meeting.

The sad incident occurred around 10:25pm yesterday while the hostels at that end of campus were enjoying their shift of dumsor. An eye witness who arrived at the scene shortly after the unfortunate incident occurred said an oncoming vehicle offered to take the lady to the hospital before the campus security arrived.

The unknown assailant(s) took advantage of the dumsor on campus to visit their cruelty on the innocent student. Checks by the school's SRC welfare committee chair confirmed the incident and gave the name of the lady as Michelle.

According to the welfare committee chair, the girl attended a Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) prayer meeting and was on her way back to her hostel when the unfortunate incident happened. She is said to have sustained cuts on her right fore-arm and around her head. She is currently undergoing treatment at the university hospital.

A few weeks ago, we published an article about the poor lighting on the Evandy-TF road and the danger it poses to students who ply that road. Many students have been attacked on that road this semester. A situation which even prompted the SRC to take proactive measures to curb the situation but it seems the danger still looms.

Students residing at EVANDY, BANI and JAMES TOPP NELSON YANKAH halls, when its late, have to walk back to their halls in fear and panic due to the absence of streetlights on the road leading to their halls.

This situation forces some students to pick taxis at exorbitant prices to their various halls since the shuttles do not usually work at night. Students have been attacked on several occasions by thieves and robbers on that road, and had their mobile phones, iPads, laptops and other valuables taken from them. Some ladies have also reportedly been sexually harassed on that road.

H/T - UGFile