Elderly hit-and-run driver arrests police officer, wrestles with him over his phone

A dramatic video shows the moment an elderly man engaged in a wrestle with an armed police officer who stopped him for questioning after he allegedly hit a pedestrian but attempted to escape.

Elderly hit-and-run driver arrests police officer, tries to seize his gun

Witnesses to the incident could be heard in the background of the video rebuking the grey-haired ‘big man’ as he was pulled over by a police officer.

One of the angry witnesses had to become a de facto police commander as he kept issuing instructions to the momentarily ‘confused’ officer to seize the elderly man’s phone which he was attempting to make a call with, and the officer complied.

The scene then turned dramatic as the man believed to be in his sixties grabbed the armed police officer by his uniform and engaged him in a wrestle to recover his phone.


Sensing danger, the police officer pushed the offender away to free himself, leading to the old man sprawling on the ground motionless.

A good Samaritan believed to be a private security guard rushed to rescue him from the ground but he appeared to have been so hurt he was limping and could not stand straight without assistance.

“I’m a big man, I know a big man, I’m calling a big man.” That’s the problem this country has. At your age, you hit someone and run away. Now you want to take an officer’s gun. Who does that? Shaaaame on you,” Kwame A-Plus captioned the video he posted on Facebook.

According to the witnesses, the victim of the alleged accident was severely hurt after being hit but the driver didn’t make any effort to ascertain the state of the victim, but instead, he drove off.


The witnesses got infuriated by the driver’s attempt to make a call because they thought he might be a ‘big man’ who was attempting to speak to a higher authority to escape arrest.

Watch the video below:



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