Giant rat eats boy's face while sleep

A rat of about a foot long left a five year old with some wounds to his face, as it attempted to “eat off” the boy’s face.

Asmir (Left) had parts of his cute little face gnawed off by the rat.

Amir Salehi had been put to bed like several other children in London only for his father, Ghloam, to discover that a massive rat was tearing at the little boy’s skin while he was yet asleep. The rodent attack left the boy in cuts.

Ghloam, an unemployed father of Asmir and two other children claimed to have seen the monstrous rat gnawing at his son’s facial skin, causing his face to be bloodied. At the sight of what the creature was doing to his son, the man said he tried desperately to beat it off with a bat.

Referring to the rat as “crazed”, the protective father told The Sun, “It (The Rat) was going for his throat, trying to get into his mouth and get into his heart. He further stated that he had feared the worst. “I thought it had killed him. There was so much blood,” he added.

The rat, according to the father’s account was a strange one. Not only was it bigger than normal, but also stronger than an everyday rat. “When I was hitting it with the bat it was like metal, so hard. It wasn’t scared of me. It fought back and was very tough,” he concluded.

The five year old Asmir was rushed to the hospital for treatment after the attack left his face, hands and legs in numerous cuts. The rat attack was caused by the mess left at a nearby community center, claims Ghloam of Holloway, north London. He went further to assert that the said mess has caused rats to invade his home, and that the particular rat that attacked his son had let itself in through an open window.

The local authority, Islington Council, has however refuted the claims of the concerned father, telling The Sun that there had been no traces or evidence of rats either at Ghloam’s residence or at the community hall.


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