Reports say a man from Uganda who consumed the said drink manufactured by Revin Zambia consequently suffered profuse sweating and a painful erection which lasted a whole six hours.

Ugandan National Drug Authority (NDA), according to the BBC, tested the contents of the drink and determined an element named sildenafil citrate used for treating erectile dysfunction.

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Revin's General Manager, Vikas Kapoor has however challenged the NDA’s finding, saying there is no iota of sildenafil citrate in the said drink.

Meanwhile, the Zambian authorities have initiated further investigation into the development.

In a statement, they said: “Officers from the three institutions are on the ground to collect samples of the raw materials and of the finished product for analytical tests that will determine if there is any truth to the claims being made. The outcome of this investigation will be communicated to the public as soon as results are released."

Meanwhile, employees of the Revin Zambia company who may be losing their jobs depending on the outcome of the investigations have protested the temporary ban on the product.

A representative of the aggrieved employees, Josam Mwale is quoted as saying: “The products of this company, according to available data, have gone through discrete checks for validity and reliability, as assessed by an international company. This health drink in question has been around for a year now and is widely consumed by Zambians and others in countries where it is exported.

“We also produce other drinks which include Natural Aloevera, Natural Nketu and Tangawizi. In fact, the Zambia Bureau of Standards certified this product, meaning it met all the required standards of such consumables before being put on the shelves. And for any product to be exported, we believe several steps are taken to clear the goods for the export market. So where did things go wrong in Uganda?” he quizzed.