Without mincing words, the beautiful lady identified on Twitter as OMOTAYO OF Lagos described feminism as “toxicity”, urging fellow women to “stop looking for what isn’t missing and pick ourselves up from where we miss the road”.

Currently, COVID-19 is holding the world in captivity but OMOTAYO has raised so much alarm in her Twitter post that one has no option but to take a break from the coronavirus pandemic and spare feminism a thought.

Read her post below and share your opinion:

“Feminism is destroying our society.

“Feminism is promoting hate.

"Feminism is causing gender war.

"Feminism is causing diversity.

“Funny how Some feminists are attacking their fellow ladies for saying they ain’t in support of feminism, this is toxicity, I think its high time we understand the fact that we can have equal right but we all ain’t equal, can a female footballer be getting same pay as the male?

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“Some certain things just don’t have manuals, things like marriage and relationships, just practice whatever paddle your boat, before now we have men that willingly do house chores and all for their women, you don’t have to set standards to how someone should live their life

“How come marriage and relationships no longer last since we begin to push this Feminism agenda across the globe? Are we really making progress or we are moving backward?

“The only thing I’m not in support of is a lady living under same roof with abusive partner, Being a woman alone is a privilege on its own, we really need to stop looking for what isn’t missing and pick ourselves up from where we miss the road

“If we continue to live like this with all these hate and toxicity, in 10 years there won’t be any couple we can point a finger to and refer to as husband and wife, my Generation has missed the target, let’s go back to our drawing board and re strategies please.”