Forensic expert caught red-handed having sex with dead body to celebrate football team’s victory

People sometimes do crazy things in the name of football fanaticism but a forensic expert took his love for football to a different level when he decided to have sex with the corpse of a minor in the custody of the hospital where he worked.

Forensic expert caught red-handed having sex with dead body to celebrate his football team’s victory

Wanderley dos Santos Silva, a 52-year-old Brazilian forensic expert has reportedly been fired alongside another colleague by the Institute of Legal Medicine in Manaus after a police officer caught him in the act of having sex with the dead body.


He reportedly tried running away after the police officer walked in on him having sex with a minor’s corpse in the presence of a colleague.

It is reported that the officer from the Department of Forensic Police had gone into the autopsy room to collect information about a corpse only to have the shock of his life.

Both Silvia and the unnamed colleague in whose presence he committed the necrophilia have been sacked by on the basis of "serious functional faults".


The case was also reported to the Department of Forensic Police authorities for further investigation and possible prosecution.

If found guilty, Silvia could be jailed between one and three years.

Local media reports carried a police statement which reads: “The Amazon Technical-Scientific Police Department has requested the opening for a police inquiry to investigate a complaint about the practice of necrophilia committed by an autopsy assistant. The matter is under investigation.

“The autopsy assistant was fired along with an admin worker.


“The assistant was reported to police after allegedly being caught in a suspect situation in the autopsy room.

“Colleagues said they had found pulling his pants up as he got off the autopsy table where a woman’s body was lying.”



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