Gay man stabs partner for cheating on him with a woman at Kasoa

The Kasoa New Market Police have arrested two gay partners after one of them stabbed the other for cheating on him with a woman.

Bloody knife

Reports say the incident occurred on Thursday evening around 6:30 PM. identified the suspects as 22-year-old prince Nyator and Evans Amoah, 23.

Before their arrest, the two young men worked in a restaurant at Kasoa New Market.

According to reports, Prince found out that Evans had a girlfriend with who he was having sex on his blindside. He got incensed and confronted his partner and stabbed him on the wrist.

Prince had always asked Evans about his girlfriend but the latter consistently denied having one. He however kept denying his partner sex.

It is reported that Evans had a girlfriend before meeting his gay partner but probably did not make full and frank disclosure.


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