Ghanaian lady seeks help as 2 guys she was dating at the same time reject pregnancy (video)

A young Ghanaian lady is seeking help as her two boyfriends she was dating concurrently have all rejected her pregnancy.

Ghanaian lady seeks help as 2 guys she was dating at the same time reject pregnancy (video)

The 21-year-old lady identified as Vero Obaapa Zaina said her neighbours informed the two boyfriends about her lifestyle, so when she became pregnant, none of them was willing to accept responsibility for it.

However, she said the rejected pregnancy is not the biggest of her problems, but rather, her mother appears to be running mad because of the shame she has brought to her as the only child.

Speaking in an interview with Ghanaian media personality Sammy Kay, Vero Obaapa Zaina said she is currently unable to do anything to save her mother’s situation, hence her plea for help.

Zaina who is now without a boyfriend explained: "I lost both of them because of what happened. Because I was dating two guys, they both realized that it’s not theirs because of some one or two actions. When they come to the area, people tell them that tomorrow this car will come and drop her, tomorrow that; so due to that, they got to realize there is something fishy"

According to her, she has realized that her actions have brought a lot of shame and depression to her mother, a result of which is the mental disorder she is suffering from now.

"So, after telling my mother such a thing, it didn’t even reach two weeks and she started having mental issues. So, right now, I feel I have caused her to be in that particular [state] place because up till now she’s not fine. Like she is just acting like someone is beginning to get mad and that is my worst fear,” the six months pregnant lady told

To establish whether indeed she is pregnant, Sammy Kay made Vero Obaapa Zaina stand up to show her belly to the camera, and it is clear that the young lady is carrying a pregnancy.


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