According to the lady simply identified as Beatrice (not her real name), she opted for the sex work after her boyfriend jilted her, and she had no means of fending for herself sufficiently.

My boyfriend whom I met when I went to visit an uncle who was sponsoring my education. We had agreed to get married as soon as possible. Then some people I regarded as friends started peddling wicked lies against me and without confirming if what they were saying was true or false, he called it quits just like that. They told him I had an incurable disease. So, I decided to help myself because my parents cannot do anything for me. We are poor. My father used to be a driver but he is now unemployed while my mother is a full-time housewife. Sometimes, she sells vegetables,” Beatrice is quoted as having said.

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Although she got a job at a pub after her boyfriend broke up with her, she claimed the salary was just GH¢150, obviously nothing to write home about, reported

She recounted how she went to a night club with friends and by the next day, some men gave her GH¢200 for her service over the night. It was the said wage that triggered her interest in sex work, under the notion that it was a lucrative venture.

“They were paying me GH¢150 a month and you work late hours. But if you go out to hustle in the night, you can get that kind of money within a day or two. About 600 men slept with me from last year to this year,” she added.

Interestingly, Beatrice is reported as saying she has now realised that prostitution is not dignifying, and moreover, it is not as lucrative as she thought. She said she is now prepared to settle down and regain her good image.