Woman flaunts double mastectomy scars, calls them beautiful

Stewart turned to the Internet for preparation and advice on just what was in store for her as she prepared herself.

Amanda Stewart shares double masectomy photos, calling it beautiful

A 33-year-old mother of two, Amanda Stewart from Carluke​, Scotland, decided to get a double mastectomy to reduce her chance of getting breast cancer.

Though Stewart did not have the BRCA1​ gene that increases the risk of cancer, she did lose her mother and two of her aunts to the disease.

She and her four family members decided the surgery was necessary to reduce their likelihood of being diagnosed from 97 per cent to five per cent.

Unfortunately, the Internet failed to provide her with the kind of intimate information she was looking for.

"I couldn't find any preventative post-surgery photos or stories in the lead up to my operation, only post-cancer ones and they were all very sombre and sad," Stewart told The Independent.​

She took matters into her own hands and set up a Facebook page called "Cancer. You Lose," where she chronicles her journey through personal accounts and 'before and after' photos that courageously show the reality of going through the surgery.

So far, users are also inspired by the way Stewart handles the serious situation with a great deal of humor and strength.

"I didn't think I'd be this positive afterwards but it's six weeks down the line and I'm getting better instead of facing breast cancer," she said. "I'm going to be around for my kids. It's a gift that's been given to me...and I've grabbed it with both hands."​

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