Help my twin brother get treatment – 12-year-old girl (video)

The husband of a woman with three children has abandoned her and the kids including a 12-year-old sick son for the past ten years.

Help my twin brother get treatment – 12-year-old girl (video)

In a video report by Afrimax English, the woman said she and her husband had been living together peacefully but he just got up one day and vanished without them having any argument.

She suspects that the man must have been fed up with taking care of their sick son who has been bed-ridden since birth.

The woman identified in the report as Justine was pregnant with twins, and when she was due to give birth, one of the babies came out easily but the other one couldn’t.

The situation became so dangerous that doctors had to conduct a Caesarian Section to bring out the second baby. The twins are a girl and a boy.

While the girl who came out easily has been healthy, the boy who was given birth to through the CS has never been well. He has never stood on his legs, never spoken or done anything by himself.

Although he is twelve years old just like his twin sister, he remains bed-ridden and has to be attended to including bathing feeding among other things.

His condition is such that he has to be taken to the hospital three times every week, according to Afrimax.

Doctors have diagnosed him with brain damage which he suffered during birth as a result of the delay in the womb and the associated inconveniences.

Neighbours have urged Justine to kill the child but she has ignored them because she believes that with treatment her child can heal and become healthy and useful.

Life has become unbearable for her and the children as they have to depend of the benevolence of kind-hearted people who sometimes give them money.

Justine doesn’t work because her sick child needs her constant attention, while her other children go to school.

Afrimax has opened a GoFundMe account to raise funds to help the single mother and her children survive and get treatment for the sick one.


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