Man ruins business for beggars after they turn down his job offer

The man who hails from Iowa did the unthinkable after the beggars proved to be uninterested in a regular job, preferring to beg for a living.

Mike Pothoff beside the panhandlers holding his sign

News reports have revealed an hilarious exchange between two beggars and a man who offered them a job so they could make a living for themselves.


Mike Pothoff, who had been sorely disappointed when the beggars turned down his job offers and continued to beg, went and made a sign, and standing beside them, warned people against giving any contributions to the beggers.

Pothoff revealed to ABC affiliate WQAD-TV, his reasons for his actions:


"I said, 'You're hired,' and they said, 'we're not from around here.' I said, 'Well, you're here,' and then they just smirked and turned around."

Pothoff added that he later saw the men begging for money at a shopping center, which led to the creation of his own sign, which read:

"offered these guys a job, they said no, don't give money."

Pothoff's uncle identified as Michael Wooldridge, shared some images on Facebook, showing Pothoff standing beside the beggars and their signs.


Revealing that he had no issues with panhandlers, Pothoff said that it simply bothered him that the beggars had scoffed at his offer, seeming to enjoy their trade.

"If they're going to hold a sign out there and ask for money and say they're homeless, I can hold a sign out there and say I offered these guys a job, don't give them money".

Pothoff went on to say that the job offer was still open if they were willing to take it.



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