Reports say Nomathamsanqa Sweetness Swartbooi from South Africa was about to register as a voter in the country’s 2006 election when it came to light that she was legally married to the said man, who used her name to open bank accounts and took loans among other deals.

She is reported as having to Eyewitness News that the revelation has resulted in her losing her identity completely.

"I feel like I no longer have an identity. The person somewhere there is enjoying all that should be rightfully mine," Sweetness is quoted as saying.

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According to, when the poor woman went to South Africa's Ministry of Home Affairs to resolve the issue, it was detected that the mystery man had indeed registered her as his legally married wife.

Apparently, due to the uncertainty regarding her name, the Ministry of Home Affairs deleted her name from its register, rendering her a stranger in her own country.

Sweetness is currently unable to register her second son to whom she gave birth in 2008, neither can she get employed, all because of her altered identity card.

One of her worry now is how the unregistered son will inherit her wealth if she dies.

As it stands now, Nomathamsanqa Sweetness Swartbooi remains legally married to the anonymous man, while she is with another man and bearing children with him.

It is unclear how the unknown man succeeded in using her name to do all those without her consent.