“I lost my sight but not my manhood” – Blind vulcaniser with 7 children

A blind vulcanizer who lost his vision right from infancy has said that he is sexually potent despite his disability.

“I lost my sight but not my manhood – Blind vulcaniser with 7 children

Emeka Abugu currently has seven children including two sets of twins.

He said: “I lost my sight but not my ‘manhood’, moreover, my wife delivered two sets of twins.”

He has a kiosk in Orie Umuaji, a village in Umuida community, Igbo Eze North local government areas of Nigeria’s Enugu state.

Despite his blindness, Emeka can loosen, patch, pump, tighten and service motorcycle carburettors among other things, to the surprise of many people.

“I lost my two eyes when I was a kid to untreated cases of measles and other diseases.

“My father was a bicycle repairer and I spent so much time in his workshop where I gradually learnt the works of patching bicycle tyres despite my challenges.

“However, when I mastered the acts after spending over ten years with my father, I decided to go into motorcycle repairing and spent many years as a result of my blindness.

Today, I can not only render vulcanizing services, but I can also equally service motorcycle carburettors and other mechanical works,” Emeka Abugu told Yabaleftonline.ng.

While even some able-bodied men are not responsible for the welfare of their children let alone invest in their future, Emeka in his blind state is using the income from his vulcanizing business to cater for his seven children. However, he still needs help.

“I would like if the government or private individuals help stock my kiosk with goods (tubes and other motorcycle parts) so I can be able to train my seven children from the proceeds,” he pleads.


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