“I prayed to God for my husband to be broke forever so I can be happy” – Angry woman reveals

A married woman has disclosed that she is so unhappy in her marriage that she has even prayed for God to make her husband broke because that is the only way she can enjoy the relationship.


According to her, her husband only becomes God-fearing, loving, caring and stays at home to have quality time with her when he is broke, but as soon as he gets money, he is nowhere to be found.


She further reveals that he does not put a password on his phone unless he has money. He lies to her and leaves only her and their daughter at home without calling to check up on them.

She went further to reveal how the man washes plates, spend time with his family, play gospel music loudly but once he gets money then he changes to his ‘bad’ ways again.

“Okay, so I observed something in my marriage, my husband ehn, anytime he is broke, or having financial crisis he is so kind and loving and prayerful. He even initiates fasting most times. He will play Christian music so loudly. Immediately the money shows up he reduces prayers and he is less available at home.


“When he is broke, his phone doesn’t have a password and none of that, so many things. Now he has money again, he lied he was in Abuja but he is not. He keeps lying.

“Men will push you to be so angry and you will become so bitter and angry. What is my joy in this marriage when my husband is rich and he doesn’t love me or call or have my time? When he gets broke, he will come home and start washing plates and playing Christian music so loudly.

“As at now only me and my daughter are at home. He went out. Sha God bless you,” the Nigerian woman lamented.

Her point is that, if she can only be happy and enjoy her marriage when her husband is broke, then he should remain broke forever.


“I was so angry one day I prayed to God for him to be broke so I can be happy,” she revealed, adding: “Whatever God wants is the best. If his brokenness is my happiness God is Good.”



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