“I said the votes are for Biden but the seat is for Trump” - Prophet Badu Kobi

Prophet Badu Kobi, the Founder and Leader of Glorious Wave Church International has insisted that United States’ incumbent President Donald Trump will remain in the Whitehouse even though Joe Biden has won the November 3 elections.

“I said the votes are for Biden but the seat is for Trump - Prophey

According to the controversial man of God, his earlier message was misunderstood, stressing that although Joe Biden has won the US presidential election and should occupy the Whitehouse, Donald Trump will eventually be the president, using mysterious means.

“Trump will sit on America’s seat again,” Badu Kobi said, drawing applause from his congregation.

“I saw Biden holding the votes and Trump used his hand to hit the back of his palm, took it from his hand and left,” he added.

In the build-up to the 2020 U.S Presidential elections, he predicted that Donald Trump will be retained as President of the United States of America.

“America will not vote for him, but he will be President. The votes that will come will be for Biden but Trump will still be President.”

Badu Kobi made a reference to his 2016 prophecy about the US presidential election when Donald Trump contested Hillary Clinton. In that 2016 prophecy, Badu Kobi indicated that a certain nation was helping Donald Trump to rig the elections.

“The same way Trump will bulldoze his way; he will win. Americans will not understand but Trump is 2021 President,” Badu Kobi declared.

“Between the two [Biden and Trump], Trump is strong, Biden is weak, and he will use that strength to win. And so, Trump is the next President of America…,” Badu Kobi emphasised.

Now, although it is clear and most world leaders have accepted that Joe Biden has won the election and they have congratulated him, Badu Kobi maintains that his earlier prophecy has not failed, adding that Trump is a mystery that Biden is not strong enough to unseat.

He further alleged that the very nations that he claimed helped Trump to win the 2016 election are at it again to ensure he remains on the seat.

Watch him in the video below as he explains himself:


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