The President triggered angry reactions following his recent claim that he can only hand over power when his term ends in 2022 unless he is sure whoever takes over from him will not oppress Kenyans and dissipate the country’s resources for parochial gains.

According to, Mr. Kenyatta said this on Wednesday, February 10, in Nairobi while drumming support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

"My aim is to ensure that those who will assume office after me will not be thieves who will oppress Kenyans. I will only leave the office to someone Kenyans can trust and who will unite them," said Uhuru.

His failure to mention names has triggered speculations among the citizenry as to who exactly he might be directing the subtle attacks at.

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Mr. Kenyatta further said that he would not be distracted because his priority now is to fulfill the promises he made to Kenyans before he exits office.

"I don't care those who move around insulting me, my focus right now is on Kenyans who elected me into office, I will make sure I fulfill my promise to them," he added.

Some Kenyans took to Twitter to voice out their reservations about their president’s remarks, reminding him that the power to choose who succeeds him is the sole prerogative of the Kenyan citizens.

Read some of the reactions below: