“If husband leaves clothes on the floor, throw them in the trash" – Lola Omotayo's "marriage tips"

The wife of Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye also known as Mr P has advised her fellow women to throw their husbands’ clothes into the thrash if they leave them on the floor.

“If your husband leaves clothes on the floor, throw them in the trash – Lola Omotayo's marriage tips

According to Lola Omotayo, if a man leaves his clothes on the floor, “it means he doesn’t want them” anymore, so the best place for his wife to place them is inside the waste bin.


She took to her Instagram page to advise married women on how to handle their husband’s untidiness.

“If your husband leaves his clothes on the floor, it means he doesn’t want them. It’s ok to throw them in the trash,” Lola entreated fellow married women as quoted by

The mother of two promised her followers to get their fingers crossed for more marriage tips from her.


“I’ll be back tomorrow with more marriage tips and advice.”

Lola’s advice flies in the face of the theory of the importance of communication in marriages. If her advice is anything to go by, then married women would be acting based on assumptions without seeking clarification from their husbands, and that is a recipe for marital conflicts.

Peter Okoye is one of the split P square brothers. It appears his wife has gained some experience in marriage that she has chosen to share with other married women. As to whether her "marriage tips and advice" will be beneficial to her followers is another matter.



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