According to Pastor Charles Osazuwa, staying in courtship for a long time does not necessarily help the people involved to know each other to the maximum, saying most people only pretend to be good during that period to get what they want.

"Marriage is a risk. If she is born again, marry. Anything you see, take it, then you start cultivating it to become what you want. That is what it is,'' the Nigerian pastor said.

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“People take a whole week to rehearse for a 30 minutes date. I hear there are expensive makeups that can change anyone to anything. Hair-borrowed. Figure-borrowed. At the end of the day, everything is borrowed. By the time you get married, on your wedding night, you are looking for your wife and saying she is not the one you married." Pastor Charles Osazuwa added.

While his view might sound controversial, it has provoked the thoughts of many people as some of the pastor’s followers agreed with him.