A 28-year-old Peruvian prisoner has been rearrested after he escaped prison about a year ago by replacing himself with his identical twin brother.

However, he outsmarted the authorities of Piedras Gordas, one of Peru’s most secure penitentiaries.

On the day of his escape, Alexander Jheferson Delgado’s twin identical twin brother, Giancarlo had come to the prison premises to visit him and also give him food.

Dramatically, Alexander Jheferson Delgado gave his twin brother a soda drink he had mixed with sedative and after drinking the soda, Giancarlo slept off and Alexander Jheferson Delgado exchanged his prison attire with his brother’s clothing he had come to the prison in.

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He then pretended to be the visitor and passed all the six check points and exited the prison without the security officials noticing him.

Interestingly, Giancarlo woke up from his sleep only to see himself in a prison uniform with security guards all around him.

All attempts by Giancarlo and other inmates to explain the development to the prison officials failed because they did not believe them.

Later, when the truth came to bare, following a security camera footage, Oddity Central reported that “the director of the penitentiary and several guards were fired after Delgado’s escape, after it was revealed that checkpoint guards hadn’t even bothered to check for the arm stamp that all-day visitors receive on their way in.”

A reward of 20,000 sols (about $6,100) was then offered for anyone with information that could lead to his ecapture.

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Alexander Jheferson Delgado had been in hiding leaving his innocent brother in prison for a crime he did not commit, until a few days ago when he was reportedly rearrested at a house in Callao, a port city near the capital Lima.

When journalists questioned him following his recapture, Alexander Jheferson Delgado said he did the weird escape out of “desperation to see my mother”.

He is now going to serve the rest of his initial sentence in addition to a likely penalty for his escape at Challapalca, a maximum security prison in the Andes Mountains.

An obviously angry Giancarlo reportedly said though he still loves his brother, he “need to speak with him about that.”