''It is high time we allowed men to cheat, they’re naturally polygamous!” -Beautiful poet

No other than a woman has suggested that men be allowed to cheat on their wives and marry as many women as they deem possible.

''It is high time we allowed men to cheat, they’re naturally polygamous! -Beautiful poet

The Kenyan lady identified as Misky Hajji made the controversial suggestion on Tuesday, April 29.


According to her, it is a much ado about nothing trying to stop men from cheating on their wives since they were created polygamous.

The advocate and poet advised women to stop fighting their men over infidelity and rather support their philandering ways to avoid stress.


She further called on the government of Kenya to legalise polygamy and make it halal.

''It is the high time we allow men to cheat (make it halal by allowing him to marry). Men are naturally polygamous! In my opinion, the wife should support her husband and maybe,'' she wrote.

According to her, first wives can even help the hubbies in finding good mistresses and even contribute to their weddings.


“If the wife is extra she can help her husband raise the wedding expense. Smiling face with sunglasses,” she added, asking “Do you agree?''

Well, as expected, her opinion has triggered mixed reactions on social media with her fellow women blasting her, while some men applauded her for giving them a shot in the arm, to the extent of offering to meet her.



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