According to her, she has dumped a man not because he still had anything doing with his ex-lover but, simply because the said woman was too ugly for any man worth his salt to have ever loved.

She made the revelation during a chat with her Instagram fans on Wednesday, January 13 regarding her past relationships which never worked.

Huddah asked her fans especially ladies if an ex to someone they were currently dating would be the reason why they would leave the man.

The bodacious entrepreneur then blew her fans’ minds when she said that she dumped a man because of how his ex-girlfriend looked.

“Let me not lie! I’ve dumped a man coz of how his ex looked.

“But Dude, if you can get hard for this, you can get hard for a cow or a goat so byeee,” Huddah Monroe said.

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She was however quick to say what she did was bad because the Bible frowns on people judging others.

“Its bad coz according to the Bible. We shouldn’t judge!”

She explained that her reference to her ex-boyfriend’s ex-lover as ugly had nothing to do with her physical look but her personality instead.

"And it's not about ugly! Ugly doesn't have to be physical," She added.

"To me, nobody is really ugly! I mean."

In separate news, a woman who confessed that she used black magic to "tie her husband spiritually to milk him dry" has lost the marriage eventually.

Reports say a customary court sitting in Mapo in Ibadan of Nigeria’s Oyo State has dissolved the 15-year-old marriage between a mother-of-two, Olubunmi Faseyitan, and her husband, Kolawole.

According to Premium Times, the marriage was dissolved after Faseyitan admitted that she asked a witch doctor to "tie her husband spiritually to milk him dry" but not to kill him.

“I never wished death on my husband. All I wanted was to him in bondage and make him sick until he serves his purpose," Olubunmi Faseyitan is quoted as saying to the customary court. “I only told the witch doctor so that people would be convinced that his second wife was responsible for the calamity that befell him.”

The president of the court, Ademola Odunade who delivered the judgement, advised people to always seek God's approval in their relationship before going ahead to avoid future issues that finally lead to divorce.

“Men and women intending to get married should seek God’s approval in their relationship before forging ahead,” the judge advised.

He then granted custody of the two children to Faseyitan while he ordered Kolawole, a factory worker to pay N6,000 (GHS91.75) monthly for the children’s upkeep.

Kolawole who tendered the recorded conversation between his wife and the alleged witch doctor as exhibit before the court asked it to dissolve the marriage.

“I did everything possible to please her. But it was not enough. I abandoned the home to her she confessed to me.”