Nigeria’s Police Special Tactical Team (STS) in collaboration with the IGP’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT) reportedly arrested Sani Haruna aka Gayu following incessant cases of kidnappings in the country.

During interrogation, the suspect disclosed to the authorities that, within the kidnapping gang which operates in Katsina, Zamfara, and Kaduna-Abuja highway axis, he was in charge of the security of captives, and killing them if their relatives fail to pay ransom for their release.

“I am the guard for kidnapped persons where they were kept in the bush in Katsina State. I have been doing that for one year. Before joining this, I was a herdsman,” the father of two children is quoted as saying.

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When asked how many people he has killed in the last one year, Sani Haruna said: “In God’s name, I have lost count because I don’t keep a record of the people I kill, but I know they are many.”

He added: “Even when I didn’t want to kill them, I was always afraid because it could amount to disobeying the directive of my boss. I might even be killed.”

The suspected criminal narrated that he joined the kidnapping gang after approaching one of its commanders as a result of joblessness.

According to him, as and when captives are killed, regardless of their religious beliefs, there is a Mallam among the kidnappers whose duty is to prepare the corpses for burial in accordance with Islamic rules.

“The Mallam will prepare them according to Islamic rites, pray for their souls and we will bury them properly,” Sani Haruna further revealed.