Kumasi slay queens send out a message to Kumasi stingy boys

Holidays cannot pass by without slay queens having fun. And so they have decided to issue a warning to Kumasi boys. Advising them to desist from being stingy or else they would go to Accra for sex and money.

Kumasi slay queens

On this note, Kumasi 'slay queens' who come to Accra for hook-ups have sent a message to Kumasi boys. So 3 executive members of the Kumasi Association of Slay Queens have thus sent a video with a message to boys in Kumasi ahead of the holidays. They said Kumasi boys are stingy and cannot afford to pay them 500 cedis and 2,000 cedis for sex. So they would prefer to come to Accra because boys in Accra can afford to pay them more. Plus boys in Accra know how to treat women. 

They said, “If a guy from Accra has sex with you and he loves you he sticks or lets you know that he is in a committed relationship. Fools in Kumasi, you always want us to come back yet still sleeps around. If you take us seriously we will also take you seriously.”

One member also further explained that this stance was due to the up bring they had. According to her, her mother taught her to take money from guys she sleeps with so she can take care of her. So she won’t allow any guy to sleep with her for free. 


On behalf of all Accra boys, I say thank you for the vote of confidence. And as for Kumasi boys or any guy hoping to go and have fun in Kumasi, pay heed and act accordingly. Thank you. 


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