Reports say the lady in question had booked an ‘Economy seat’ on a commercial Air Peace flight.

She is reported as claiming that her bag was too expensive to be kept at the designated space with those of other passengers.

Her condescension reportedly delayed the flight momentarily from taking off, so security officials were left with no other option but to force her out for other passengers to continue their journey.

A dramatic video circulating online shows the moment the pretty lady was being dragged out shamefully amidst booing by other passengers who equally took photos of her being ejected.

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Nigerian actress and presenter Belinda Effah who was on the same flight posted the video with the caption:

”The Expensive Handbag That Stopped Us From Flying.

“On Take Off This Girl Said The Flight Should Turn Around and Drop Her off cos she will not let her bag be kept on the floor or be put in the upper cabinet because it’s too expensive.

“We had to make a u-turn and security officials escorted her out not after she almost broke my phone for capturing her. I mean I needed to see the expensive bag that caused such a row and got her so riled up. So I had to capture it for the world to see.”

Watch the video of the incident below: