Lady’s American accent “God gave her while she was asleep” is amazing

While some people have to travel to the United States of America or stay in their home countries and consciously learn the US accent, a lady claims she just slept one day and woke up with the gift of speaking like an American.

Lady’s American accent “God gave her while she was asleep is amazing

A Ugandan woman has become a social media sensation after she granted a TV interview where she claimed she got her American accent from God.

Victoria Aiko, a Ugandan businesswoman, who was a guest on Urban TV, introduced herself and the host was surprised that she’s Ugandan.

When asked how she got the accent, Aiko said she got it effortlessly from God one morning.

“God does extraordinary stuff, right? So, I just woke one morning and the accent just came on and I was like ‘okay’ and people started saying ‘Hey what’s up with it?’ And I was like ‘I don’t know!’ because I did not even realise I was speaking like this… so its God,” she said on Urban TV.

In this part of the world, British or American accents earn speakers higher salaries at various workplaces regardless of amount of work done compared to other employees with local accents, so people are breaking their backs to sound British or American.

Watch her speak the God-given American accent in the video below:


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