How to seriously deal with social media juju men...a lesson

Just for those of you stuck in 2017, it has become a growing trend for supposed native priests and juju men to create profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn to reach out to new clientele.

What do you do when you come across native priests (juju men) or Mallams on social media?


It is a social media revolution after all.

But the thing here is, most people do not know how to deal with getting followed by these accounts (or accepting a friend request if you're on Facebook).

Well, one Twitter user @ has the perfect answer.


He posted screenshots of a Messenger conversation with one "Nana Agarada", a social media juju man and it is a tale to tell in it own right

1. The chat started like every other chat; with a "Hello" and a "Hi".

Pay careful attention to how the "juju man" refers to the guy as "friend".

2. Wasting no time, Nana Agarada jumped straight into his business...

3. Well, the unsuspecting (or rather suspecting) gentleman went for #15.


To be fair, every man wants a "bigger" and "stronger" manhood. No?

4. And then everything goes downhill.

Nana Agarada lists the items he needs for the "rituals" to make the guy's manhood bigger. The guy offers to buy them himself, Agarada says he pays GHC350 to purchase the items.

5. Dude starts asking for ridiculous demands on how big his penis should become;

The comes the whole question of getting bigger "testicles". And tbh, I do agree with Nana Agarada here, "Have you ever seen any balls big like water melon before".


6. But the determined client has an answer for everything...

And even demands more from Agarada.

With all transactions done, his total bill came up to GHS850, the client, who has now identified himself as Kofi Kanewu (a fake name, of course) asks for a reduction.

Agarada comes down to GHS700 (the gods must be in need of money) but Kanewu wants to pay only GHS15.

There you have it, a lesson in how to deal with social media Mallams and juju men.



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