A twitter user has shared the will and testament of her grandfather, in which he directed the executors not to give his son any of his properties and that a Bible should be bought for him to read selected chapters for his reformation.

"I direct that my son Kwesi Ofori Should NOT repeat NOT be given anything out of my properties and estates after my death," the man wrote in sheet two of his will.

He directed in his that his son should read Exodus chapter 20 vs 12, Deuteronomy chap.5 vs 16, Matthew chap 16 vs 27, Prov. chap 6 vs 20, Prov. chap. 10 vs 1 and Prov chap. 12 vs 1.

The Twitter user, @narelle123, shared a screenshot of the will and wrote: "My grandpa’s will and testament was read last week. This man is petty."

"Wow!!! He didn’t pull any punches," a Twitter user replied.

Another also said in reply, "Your grandpa wild, I wonna see scenes when he uttered *enough is enough* he's a whole meal on it's own LoL."

"I never bore. That's the whole point. So I can claim this will as well. Coz This level of petty is what man needs to aspire to!," another user noted.