From the video, it appears that the bus was full but as usual, those who could not get seats could be seen standing in the moving car.

The man and the lady in question seem to be so close to each other that the latter’s bum could touch the former’s manhood, apparently giving him arousal.

While it is not clear if the guy was intentionally rubbing the huge ‘cassava’ on the lady’s buttocks, it cannot also be said that she was completely unaware, but she raised no alarm.

A Twitter user with the handle @pee_dolly who shared the video online said the incident occurred in a BRT which was heading to Oshodi in Nigeria from Tollgate.

According to her, the man even ejaculated during the incident.

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“Somebody’s Husband, Father, brother, uncle inside Brt Tollgate-Oshodi this morning using his dick to rub a Woman’s ass. The fact that he ejaculated pissed me more. .

Ladies ehn if you can avoid public transport please do and if it can’t be avoided stay vigilant if a male is behind you. Say No to Sexual Assault.

Ma’am will get home to wash Cum on her dress without knowing how she got stained.”, she tweeted.

Watch the video below and form your judgement: