Man rams Jeep through the doors of a church, says he was seeking shelter from demonic “possession” (videos)

The things that some people do these days and give credit to the devil may be shocking to the devil him/herself.

Man rams Jeep through the doors of a church, says he was seeking shelter from demonic “possession” (videos)

A 35-year old Spanish man who was recently arrested after ramming his SUV through the wooden doors of a church to gain access inside is reported as saying he was escaping from his demonic “possession”.

According to, the unnamed man reportedly drove up to the large doors of the San Juan Evangelista church on January 18, in the Spanish town of Sonseca, and started ramming his Jeep into it.

A curious woman who approached the scene to ascertain what was the matter with the driver got scared as he shouted at her.

As she tried to call the police to the scene, the driver reportedly got angry and started ramming his SUV into the doors of the church until he finally broke through them. He then drove through the rows of wooden benches and stopped right in front of the altar, reported.

By the time emergency services arrived at the church the man was found next to the altar, claiming that he was possessed and that the church was the only place he felt safe.

Officials had to take the trouble to persuade him before taking him to the hospital to be tested for alcohol and drugs.

The man’s conduct has left many people confused but some news reports say he owns a shop where cannabis-related products are sold just 900 meters from the church.

Interestingly, cultivation and personal use of cannabis are legal in Spain, so if investigations link his conduct to the use of cannabis, it would not amount to any punishable crime.

However, he may be charged for the destruction of church property and trespassing it.

Meanwhile, reports say the local community quickly helped the priest of San Juan Evangelista church to replace the broken doors, as well as some of the damaged wooden benches, saying they are grateful that no human life was lost or injury caused to anyone.


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