A hilarious video circulating online shows a married woman hiding under her illicit boyfriend’s bed after her husband walked in on her allegedly attempting to take some quickie after work before proceeding home.

According to a report by The Citizen, the South African wife identified as Yolanda left her work at 4 pm but instead of heading home straight to her husband and children, she decided to diverted her route to spend time with her secret boyfriend.

It appears that her angry husband had had wind of her infidelity and planned to catch her in the act.

A video shows him filming himself while leaving his house with their children’s clothes and other things in the background.

“These are my children’s blankets. This is our pillow, here in a back room,” says the husband as he made the video public.

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The video again shows him entering another house alleged to be the rented apartment of the woman’s boyfriend where he allegedly found her hiding under his bed.

“What are you doing under the bed? Why are you allowing yourself to be hidden under the bed? You left your big house to come and hide under a bed in a backroom with boys?” the man asked adding: “Your children are at home, I left them alone. You must stay with this man so you can have sex without hiding anymore."

The video has since gone viral with some South Africans recreating their videos to make a mockery of the incident.

Watch the video below: