“May God punish you" – Pastor curses members for not donating towards her birthday (video)

A disappointed female pastor stood on the pulpit to curse her church members for allegedly refusing to contribute towards her birthday celebration, describing them as wicked, unless they genuinely didn’t have money.

“May God punish you – Pastor curses members for not donating towards her birthday

According to her, she has always supported them in every way possible, and she was expecting that they would also reciprocate the love she has shown to them.

"Even on my birthday, some of you refused to contribute. May God punish you. Because you are wicked. Unless you don't have."

Pastor Cecilia decried how those who didn't contribute money for her birthday were eating like pigs and even carrying takeaway at the event.


She disclosed that “pastors are bitter” because their congregants don't celebrate them.

Meanwhile, the founder and leader of the Alabaster International Ministry has warned his followers that he is not interested in their seed offerings unless they have taken care of their needy family first.

According to Prophet Kofi Oduro, it is hypocritical of one to ignore his or her hungry parents and offer money to the church, adding “your Jerusalem must be taken care of before you go out”.


The popular man of God was preaching to his congregation members about seed sowing at churches when he got honest and said what not many pastors would say openly.

…don’t bring me a seed when your mother is hungry. There is no blessing in the seed. You have not sorted your mother out for the month and you’re bringing me your seed, for what? Your Jerusalem must be taken care of before you go out.

Pastors are often criticized for seeking their parochial interests and getting wealthy at the expense of their poor and needy church members.

Most of them have been accused of resorting to exploitative means to get their congregants to go above and beyond to pay their tithes and other offerings at their own detriment and that of their family members.



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