The handsome mechanic is reported as saying his father who himself is known as Paul Machine Mvere named him “Sex” as his first name.

Guess what! That is the name he used throughout his primary and high school education, and it did not affect his education, neither did it affect his certificates in any way.

He became “Sex Machine” because his surname is machine, and that is now giving him a lot of credibility issues.

“That is my name. I cannot deny it. I went to Tapfuma Primary School and Rukweza High and that is the name I used,” he told The Standard.

“Sometimes I call myself Mike, a name that also belongs to my uncle. “My father is the best person to explain why he gave me such a name.”

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Mechanic whose name is ‘Sex Machine’ blames his father as mobile money rejects him
Mechanic whose name is ‘Sex Machine’ blames his father as mobile money rejects him

He is now concerned about the vulgar name because the name, “Sex Machine” which appears on his EcoCash was recently truncated, probably due to its weirdness.

“I had to devise means to alter my name so that my clients find it easy and respectable,” Sex Machine said.

Wondering how the name Sex Machine would sound to women and how they would react to it? The troubled mechanic said it has not been easy for him at all.

“I am happily married. At first my wife could not believe my name, but she adapted to it. My father calls me Mike or Sex depending on where we are and who is around,” Sex Machine revealed to The Standard.

Equally hilarious is his wife’s name, Sex Machine said: “She is Mrs Machine.”

It is not clear why of all the names in this world, Paul Machine Mvere chose to name his son “Sex”, knowing very well that his first name is Machine. Probably, the fact that combination of the two names would sound and look bizarre was lost on him at the time.

You might want to be careful the kinds of names you give your children to avoid putting them in the situation Sex Machine finds himself in now.