A married Nigerian man was publicly flogged for allegedly defiling 9-year-old girl, but some people have raised concerns about the severity of the flogging, arguing it is not commensurate with the alleged crime committed, while others believe it serves him right.

The unnamed man was left with bruises all-over his body after he was subjected to merciless whipping by a mob without being given the opportunity to be heard by a law court.

The incident got many social media users reacting, saying the suspect deserved the treatment meted out to him.

However, one Facebook user identified as Hanson Promzy has expressed a different view.

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He resorted to the social media platform to condemn the rise in mob injustice, especially the flogging of the man, saying “no one deserves to be disgraced like this”,

He wrote:

“Yes he did something very bad, and as well deserves punishment that’s if all you said is true, cozz 99% of what we see on social media are cooked, Y’all saying he deserves this am still sure most of you do things like this secretly, just the based and focused one is he whose own is exposed, No one deserves to be disgraced like this, and we Nigerians taking laws into our hands is too bad, Let him face the law not treating him like this…..Let’s try loving, if there is love in our nation most of this things like will never happen…. This is bad”